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The story of Resaikos Italian Living began in 1970, when Vasileios Resaikos opened the first store in Chalandri and has deservedly continued since the early 90s with his two sons Panagiotis and Petros Resaikos. Over the years, our company has continued to grow and expand and today has showrooms of over 1,000 square meters. Since 1998 we have conquered the top in the field of furniture and remain one of the most successful representatives of the largest Italian houses, having now passed the baton to the younger generation of the family.

With over 40 years of experience, Resaikos Italian Living imports and manufactures the best contemporary furniture on the market with Italian finesse as a key feature.

With great pleasure, we continue to follow our philosophy that focuses on excellent product quality and impeccable customer service.

Our specialized staff will help you find the ideal choice for your home or business space, fully meeting your needs and preferences. Visit us to create together what you dream of.

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