Genius loci

Calia Italia’s Genius Loci SOFA is elegant and contemporary. The SOFA has a mechanism that allows to increase the depth of the seat and back height by 18 cm. n Genius Loci is available in 2 -seater, 2 -seater Large, 3 -seater, 3 -seater Large and corner with many options in dimensions so you can enjoy the comfort and quality of Calia Italia, in any way that fits your living room. Select Wallpaper through the wide range of Calia Italia’s high quality leather and fabrics. H76CM n3 Seater Large: W231 x D104 x H76cm Nottoman: W97 x D97 x H44cm nleft / Right Corner SOFA: N274 x 103 x H76cm n300 x 103 x H76cm n n nseat height: 44cm seat depth: 56cm